Pixel Picks.XIV

Pixel Picks – weekly(ish) links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non. This week brings literary wardrobes, writing tips, dream lands, bad reviews, and bad sex. Enjoy. Bad Sex: The inaugural Bad Sex in Fiction Prize Nominee’s are here!! Here’s a taste from Men Like Air by Tom Connolly: “He watched her passport rise […]

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Book Club Slut: The Vegetarian

Moving to a new city (country! continent!) means you leave everything behind and have to begin again. It’s not just the the places and spaces that are new, but new people, routines, habits, traditions. And new book clubs. It’s no secret that I love books clubs – I am a self confessed book club slut. […]

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Margaret Atwood: In Two Acts

“The Tempest within The Tempest within The Tempest” explained the perfectly poised Margaret Atwood as she stood in the centre of the cathedral, with eyes from all sides on her. She was, of course, speaking of her new novel Hag Seed – a retelling of Shakespeare’s last (solo) play. Fanfiction at its finest. With a loyal […]

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