Pixel Picks. XI

Pixel Picks – weekly(ish) links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non.
This is the first since Christmas, so a landslide of bookish and pop-culture goodness follows, including Murakami, margins, witches, Tavi, and teenagers. There seems to be a lot of lady-goodness this week.


Secret book club: everyone knows I love secret societies, now it gets better with exclusive membership libraries.

Mentors and muses: Sheila Heti speaks about finding inspiration in your fellow human beings.

Murakami goodness: Always.

The curious white space surrounding text: It is there to contain our words, to frame the page. Margins need to be given the kudos they deserve.

Bubble-bubble toil and trouble: A killa comic on awesome lady-authors and the witchyness that surrounds them – a trait that I long for.

The teenage bedroom is a space that is shrouded in mystery and mess: Flavorwire has rounded up the most intriguing and delightful teenage bedrooms on film.

WO: A beautiful instagram account titled girlgaze, highlighting women photographers and what it’s like to have the wonderful prefix: ‘wo’ changes everything.

Tour with Tavi: the nineteen year old takes us on a tour of her apartment. This video does not disappoint.

Photograph taken by yours truly, on the last day of the holidays. Bittersweet.

IMG_6713 2

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