Pixel Picks. X

Pixel Picks – weekly(ish) links from around the web: interviews, articles, essays, poetry, fiction and non.
More than usual this week including crappy film adaptations made right, tiny books, the scarves of authors, the king of gothic film, and Norway.


This has got to be good: One of my favourite series is being adapted into a mini-series. I am so excited for this, especially because the last adaptation was rubbish

On places never visited: Emily Dickinson has always intrigued me, just as she was intrigued with Norway

Tiny words, tiny pages: tween Charlotte and Branwell Bronte created tiny books. What more could you wish for?

Death of the designer: Hermes has created a scarf in honor of Roland Barthes. The wearer welds the power, for the designer is dead.

Unreliable narrators: I really want to read this book, especially because the title (Fates and Furies) is so great.

The King of the Goths: Gothic director Guillermo del Toro has made a taxonomy of his favourite gothic texts


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