Bookstagram: Subway Book Review

“Book reviews with strangers on the subway” boasts the tagline of Uli Beutter Cohen’s The Subway Book Review. A beautiful instagram and tumblr posing the questions: what are you reading, and why? As simple as these questions are, the results offer insights, witticisms, and a glimpse into the reading lives of New Yorkers. Shot in the never-fail black and white, the photographs and caption reviews delight and amuse.

I have tried to choose some favorites (too many!) but make sure you check out them all!

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. Lou: "This is the story of several families who look perfect on the outside – they have money and good looks – yet there is something incomplete, unhappy and unsettling about them. They live on Martha's Vineyard, a picture perfect place, but their lives are filled with dread. The book is about an incident that happened but we don't know exactly what that was yet. While reading, I'm in fear of finding out what really happened. I've been on edge the entire time and am expecting something awful to surface. The author is my friend and she is very talented. I'm very impressed with this book." #newyork #nyc #bookreview #subwaybookreview #book #love #reading #subway #author #elockhart #wewereliars #novel #twisted #bookloversunite #author #fall #readinglist #list #bookclub #bookworm #readingisawesome #instagood #igers #style #follow #instabook #iphoneonly #vscocam

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The Secret History by Donna Tartt. Arina: "The book is about a small group of students who study the Greek language. It starts with a big discovery, so I know something exciting will happen, but I don't know what yet. I'm reading the book in Russian. I sometimes try reading books in English, but that can be complicated depending on the story and sentence structure. If I was American I would study creative writing. Right now I work in a restaurant as a hostess. In the future I hope to start writing in Russian. If it's a bestseller it will be translated… Ha! I'm joking." @arina.oz #donnatartt #thesecrethistory #novel #mystery #russian #college #vermont #greek #bunny #whydunit #newyork #manhattan #subwaybookreview

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We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Elise: "The author is a profound feminist. She gives talks, she's a published author, a scholar and she was sampled on Beyoncé's last album on the track 'Flawless' talking about feminism. This particular book is based on a TEDx talk she gave about the realities of sexual politics. We're raising boys and girls differently when they should really be raised the same. We should be true to ourselves. Feminism becomes less of a daunting topic in her words. It's like you're listening to a wise woman in your family. When I first learned about feminism it seemed like an ideology that was made by and for white, intellectual women. I feel connected to her work because of the nuances she touches on that regard the Black American and the African experience in America. Ultimately it's not about negating or discrediting any woman – it's about celebrating all women. Reading her work finally made me feel like I was included in the conversation." @currentlyelise #Chimamanda #Adichie #feminist #beyonce #tedtalks #sexualpolitics #equality #celebratewomen #unity #weshouldallbefeminists #bookreview #brooklyn #newyork #subwaybookreview @chimamanda.adichie @beyonce @tedxevents I spy @greenlightbklyn

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Super Nature Encyclopedia by Derek Harvey. Ocean: "This book is about different kinds of animals and what they do. I like the book. It tells me that the cheetah can run 70 miles per hour. I'll show you the cheetah. There it is. The cheetah is fast, but the falcon is fast too. It's the fastest in the sky. Mostly when it dives it goes really fast. I used to be scared of is the last page – the colossal squid. Compared to a person he has a weird body. And he has giant eyes. But then I learned that he lives deep under the water so I'm not scared anymore." #newyork #nyc #subwaybookreview #bookreview #book #subway #bookloversunite #author #derekharvey #supernatureencyclopedia #smithsonian #creatures #kids #kidsbook #readingisawesome #bookstagram #booksworthreading #readinglist

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