Book Pilgrimage: Wellington

Wellington. The city of wind, politicians, good coffee, and books.

While I was there, I embarked on a book pilgrimage, visiting each bookstore as if it were a holy site, spending quiet hours in each one, surrounded by the magic that books hold.

VIC BOOKS – a bookstore at Victoria University. The store also is home to a cafe, so you can slowly sip your coffee and peruse at your leisure.



ARTY BEES BOOKS – there is nothing better than a bookshop that is open late. And Arty Bees Books is the perfect place to browse after dark.


GRAPHIC – the name says it all. Go here to find every and any kind of graphic novel, comic, or manga imaginable.


PEGASUS BOOKS – the second-hand bookshop with all the best titles. Climb a ladder to reach the very top shelves, and get lost in the labyrinth of book-lined rooms.


THE FERRET BOOKSHOP – loaded with lovely second hand books, this cute store also has an amazing selection of New Zealand poetry. The exposed brick walls and taxidermy ferrets make the shop even better.



UNITY BOOKS – of course, the ever-faithful Unity Books. The Wellington store is now in a bigger location, meaning more books (yay) but less atmosphere (nay). Regardless, Unity will never let you down.


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